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Bringing Videate to Where You Work



Get an exclusive look at Videate’s new capabilities

Videate has some incredibly exciting new developments. 

In this webinar, we're providing a peek behind the curtain to show off what we’ve been working on lately and how it’s all going to help you deliver software videos at scale– better and faster than ever before.

Our goal here at Videate is to help you automate the creation of software videos, making it fast and easy to produce up-to-date content with every new software release. 

We’ve already cut down the amount of time it takes to produce video content. 

What if we could cut that down even further-- by 50%?

What would you be able to do with all that extra time?

In this webinar, we’ll cover:

  • Integrations that bring Videate to where you already work, in the tools  you already use, rather than you coming to the Videate platform
  • Features that improve text to speech quality (like global substitutions and abbreviations)
  • Support tools that enable you to even further personalize your content and make the producing part even more streamlined
  • Customer Education that will get you and your team up and running even faster
  • Plus, get a sneak peek at the upcoming roadmap

Access the on-demand webinar now!

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