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“Just-In-Time Content” to Support Complex Technical Training



“Just-In-Time Content” to Support Complex Technical Training

Hendricks and his team at VMWare have a challenge: provide complex software training content for their customers. FAST.
These content needs are complex, unpredictable, and timely. Manual editing software was just not scalable enough to cope. 
Hendricks and his team tackle the challenge by using automated content, or just-in-time content. 
Join us over at the Content Wrangler to learn what exactly just-in-time content is, why it’s important, and where it’s best used.
Key Takeaways:
  • What is just-in-time (JIT) content and why is it important/useful? (5 moments of need)
  • When and where to focus on full AV production vs. when to use just-in-time content (automation for continuous delivery products) 
  • Identifying use cases for automation/JIT content



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