SaaS How-To Video Scalability eBook


Unlocking Scalability: Blueprint for SaaS Video Production

Understand the video landscape and build a roadmap to scalable and sustainable video production

There are several different ways to produce video, from ad hoc requests addressed by a team member with video editing skills to software video automation. 

Each stage on the video maturity model can produce video, just at different levels of quantity and quality.

Businesses must understand the video landscape and pinpoint where they are on the roadmap so they can get to a scalable and sustainable video production workflow that best serves their customers.

In this eBook you'll discover:

  • The different stages of the video maturity model for software training videos– like which are scalable and what resources are required per stage

  • How to identify your current stage and how to get to a scalable and sustainable video model from where you are

  • How and which technology helps instructional designers and tech writers produce videos at scale



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